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Natural roof - eko a roof

Natural roof - eko a roof
  • Natural roof - eko a roof
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Cane roof
Cane, straw - roofing materials which were used in the Russian settlements for a long time and to elite they could not be carried in any way. Why now we speak about elitism of a cane roof? In this case elitism of a roof is connected with quality of a cane for its production. The cane - environmentally friendly natural material, but is used only special, having the set properties. Modern ways of processing allow not only to keep ecological qualities, but also to improve operational. Till today's time the relation to a cane roof, as to a roof cheap and impractical remained. Not each person with high prosperity will decide on the device of a cane roof for the elite house. But if you are higher than old prejudices, then at your disposal for the next sixty years there will be a cozy house with a unique roof. It is convenient to live and receive guests in it, he will become your friend. The house with a cane roof - the elite house from the kind fairy tale.
To roof from a cane heavy rain, a hail, strong frosts and sharp differences of temperatures are not terrible. The houses covered with a cane, including located in the resort regions of the Alps keep the properties more than 50 years.
Under a roof from a cane you will never hear a rain roar, will not feel influence of the accumulated statistical electricity, as under metal.

There are architectural types of straw and cane roofs checked by time:
* the Danish
* the Dutch
* the English
* the American
* the German …
It is necessary only to choose, and we will realize your idea.
Under a natural
cane roof warmly in the winter, it is cool in the summer, the house breathes and leads quiet rural life under rustle of a cane.
Information is up-to-date: 27.03.2018

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