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Cane has been used as a roof covering for quite a long period of time. The flexibility of the material gives unlimited opportunities for design, shapes and forms of the roof.


Cane roofs have proven themselves to be an architectural merit having high technical characteristics and attractive outward appearance. Thanks to the modern technology of laying canes, the popularity of cane and thatched roofs (housetops) has been steadily growing in Western Europe and the United States for several years.
A specially grown water cane is used
for cane roofing manufacture. Its stems have high moisture resistance, they are strong and durable.


Theroof covering thickness is 30 cm, which allows you to do without any additional insulation of the roof. Being impregnated with special compounds, the cane is fire resistant and thus is highly competitive with traditional roofing. The cane roof is not afraid of rain, hail, severe frosts and sudden temperature changes. Houses covered with  canes, including those located in the resort areas of the Alps, retain their properties for more than 50 years.

About pests:

Cracks attract rodents. There are no cracks in a high-quality cane roof. Rodents do not settle in densely laid canes, especially since they do not like such vegetation. It should be noted that rodents penetrate more easily into thin bituminous plates than in a cane roof of 25 to 35 cm in thickness. If you haven’t experienced such problems with a conventional roof, be even more sure that they will not arise with a cane roof.

     Traditionally, the rodents would settle down in a thatched roof containing whole grains used as food. as a matter of fact, before now the straw had never been stacked as tightly as the canes are. Especially with modern technology usage.

Birds are not a problem either - the water canes are too heavy and firmly fixed for the birds to be able to pull out separate stems.






technologies ReedMasters (ReedMasters) Ukraine, ALL.BIZ: Ukraine