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Houses wooden, Kiev

Well, you finally decided to build to yourself the house. Now the main issue is what it will be?

In principle, it is not difficult to find the necessary offer in the Internet. There is definitely no problem of a lack of information. At the moment, quite large number of the companies and firms are ready to execute practically any order on construction of country houses. At what, if necessary, they will execute a full complex of services, will construct that is called "turnkey".

The following a question - the choice swore at houses. Of what material you want to build the house? Wooden? Then, it is necessary to talk about these houses in more detail.

At construction of the wooden house, it is the best of all to apply wood which it was prepared during the winter period. Advantage of such wood following: during the cold period of time the movement of juice in a tree does not happen, a time is closed and respectively, after drying a log not to be deformed. Main advantages of wood following: it is quite easy for it to process, carry out it finishing. All connections are quite simple and reliable: screws, nails, Nagel are usually used. In many respects on the indicators durabilities wood not strongly concedes to metal.

Though any material has shortcomings. In particular at wood is a shrinkage. Also essential factor is a fire resistance of material, but It should be noted that at modern methods of protection this shortcoming becomes not essential.

Among those who did not want to build houses of a brick and concrete - many owners of houses from the calibrated log. Really, this material is quite popular now. Make this type of logs with diameters: 17 cm, 19 cm, 21 cm and 23 cm. The production technology is following: at first logs tsilindrutsya, dried up, and calibration by means of the special equipment is made later.

Now we will consider houses from a glued bar. This type of houses appeared at us in the country enough recently. Standard thickness of a bar of this type following: 90, 140, 180, 205 mm. The houses executed from a glued bar have a number of advantages. Unlike other types of houses they have no cracks and have smaller shrinkage.

The only thing that can be told not in favor of houses from a glued bar is that they appeared quite recently and were not checked by time yet.

There is one more type of houses - it is houses from the massif of a wooden bar. At their construction the profile bar from the massif is applied. Such bar usually has thickness: 7,5 cm, 9,0 cm, 14,0 cm. In general is the product possessing a difficult configuration (castle) which provides a low form and the plane of walls. These qualities have to will remain even after shrinkage. The bar has to be dried up previously. If external walls are not warmed, then the houses made of such material are used only for seasonal accommodation.

Information is up-to-date: 27.03.2018

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